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Before Pro-Surfing: Kawailoa

A North Shore Story of Hawaii
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Before Pro-Surfing: COS likes it

A North Shore Story of Hawaii
For Sale NOW!!


Race Hawaii Standup, has been around on the North Shore  of the Hawaiian island of Oahu since the early 1970’s.  I, along with a few good friends, personally shaped and glassed custom-made boards for many of the great surfers of the time.


But the first order of each day, was to check out the waves, and ride them.  My small group of friends and I became familiar with the breaks from Sunset Beach to Waiamea Bay.  We even named some of them.  Those breaks that are now world-famous were in our neighborhood.  To us, they were the most important part of why we loved to live there — and still do.  Well, there’s a lot to  tell you.
I want to share the real story with you.  Please check it out:  “Kawailoa: My North Shore Story.”  Click here to read more about it.


Scott Bucknell

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