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#1. Before Pro-Surfing: Kawailoa, A North Shore Story of Hawaii

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Kawailoa, Front cover

When I think about getting older, soon I start to think about being younger. The beautiful women, perfect waves, good times, good friends, some good golf shots, my favorite dogs, and my children, as they have grown from infants to young men, are episodes in my life that show me just where I am now.

This is a story about a bit of that.

-- From Kawailoa, by Scott Bucknell

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#2. Coz Likes It!

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PAT COSGROVE is a surfing star, known throughout the Coconut wireless in Hawaii and California , BEFORE PRO SURFING. Growing up in Ocean Beach, Cos escaped being poorly influenced by guys his age. By getting in the water and catching waves, from a boy, growing to a young man, Cos got to be a very good surfer."
-- From "Coz Likes It!" by Scott Bucknell You can purchase the book right here! Look for the ¨Buy Now"button below. US$7.00 including tax and shipping.
Coz Likes It!
Coz Likes It! by Scott Bucknell



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RACE Hawaii Standup Dynamic Rotating Grip

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